With rising gas prices and overall inflation, it will be cheaper now than waiting. Home will appraise for more and sell faster with new windows. Most important. With new energy efficient windows, energy bills go down essentially paying for the cost of the windows over time.

Size, Color, Style, Kind of materials it’s made of, type of glass used, How it’s assembled, and economic inflation.

Is the company accredited with the Better Business Bureau? How many years of experience do they have installing windows? Do they specialize in windows or do they do all home improvements? Is there a true Lifetime guarantee or a Limited lifetime guarantee? Do they use different subcontractors or their own installers?

For safety purposes the glass should be tempered. The glass should be rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council which gives consumers energy performance ratings and other useful information about windows.

Fixing old windows never solves the real issues. Fixing old windows delays the inevitable of replacing and makes the job cost way more both for the repairs and the price increase of economic inflation.

Double hung, casements, awning, sliders, bay windows, bow windows, garden windows, circle top windows, custom shapes.

Not usually unless they specialize in windows.

That depends on what the window is made of, how it’s made or fabricated. The kind of glass is used. Color it is. A lot of times it depends on what company is selling the window. A lot of companies sell virtually the same window for hundreds and sometimes thousands more or less.

Windows should always be installed from the outside. Windows installed from the inside often damages drywall, moldings and interior wood.

Once! If done correctly with the right quality of window and workmanship of the installer. 30 to 40 % of all windows replaced each year are replacement windows that homeowners were told would last forever.

Most jobs up to 25 windows should be installed in one day. Also depends on the style of window going in and current condition of home at the time of installation.